Who Am I

Every day I crush code and share it ,with my friends and sometimes with the whole world ,publish mobile applications or website ,speak at conference,write an article ,have a big head headache so Idrink a lot of coffee ,play video games and read a book or two every month.

I’m Achraf Ben Alaya , I’m an Ex Microsoft Student Partner , I work as a Software engineer at a CRM agency in my country .

This site’s content and my blog are filled with all sorts of opinions that are completely my own.

Awesome things I have made

Over the years, I have been active in many technology clubs and I worked with many awesome people and we have made great projects that I am proud of.

I have made a couple of mobile apps that I will share with you later , I have launched with a couple of friends a Microsoft technologie Club at my old university that still work till now and I m proud of their works .
I m a co-founder at XCodingChallenge wich is a yearly event when people meet ,we provide them with sessions about Net ,xamarin ,azure and public speaking and we launch a theme were people must develop an idea with an application in 24 hours .
Last year we had more than 300 participant from all over the country.

I will share On a separate post later , more about my life as developer, the amazing team from my university that ,we together have won more than 4 local and national competition.

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