How to make the most of each day

I can’t even hold count of how many people, Including myself, that keep saying:

“I’m going to start reading this book tonight!” ,
“I’m going to learn Micro-services too ! “,
“I’m going to start building this app tonight” .

After work :

Well , yes this is my Favourite show “How I met your Mother” and if you know the show , just know me and Ted are the same ,we share a lot

After work , you probably :

1- Are tired from a long day at work.

2- Remember you have a big list of To-do yet you haven’t figured where to start from.

3-Have issues at work , a mighty communication problem.

4-Have family issues ,personal problems, or someone at work who ‘s mission is to mess up your day .

Now period after that , If someone asks you or your own conscious awakes saying :

“Did you finish that app ? , How was the book ? ” and you start saying :
“well that app is old , I have new idea I’m working On , that book was too long , I’m starting a new one asap ” well , wait for it :

Maybe everything is not fine ,maybe you have a rude boss, maybe no one cares about you. Maybe the weather is bad , maybe your car is old. But the real issue is you , you have commitment issues.
You start things and you don’t finish them “Looking at my self in the mirror : yup , you too , the one writing this blog post now”.

Now , you start wondering what should I do ? I mean most of the day I’m at work !! I go to work , I go to work I’m tired ! I can’t learn new things ! Really ?

I discovered that , this whole process was wrong , yes !
Months ago I was trying to understand what is Docker and what is Kubernetes , I knew I was capable to understand them quickly , instead I kept saying ‘I’am tired ‘.

wait , but when is it possible to learn new stuff when you pass all day at work !

Simple !
Let me tell you about my journey !
I work from 8:30 to 12:30 and back from 14:30 to 18:30 ( with some extra after-time work)
So , what can I do ?

between 12:30 and 14:30 , After having launch , I play for about 10 minutes my favorite game with my phone , later I read as much as I can from the book I’m reading. I finish with my personal activities 10 or 15 minutes before going back to work and like the fact that I earn at least 1 hour that I can invest later at night , but wait how ?

Things you can do After 7 P.M and can change your life

The things you do later in your day , matter ,even if you can’t do a lot .
let’s say you sleep at 00:00 or 01:00 like I do , what you do in those 5 or 6 hours ?
what you do before going to bed ?

Well , what you really need to do is to take advantage of this time.

I know after a long day like that , the only thing you might want to do , is to relax in front of TV or keep scrolling up and down between Facebook and Instagram .

But , If you want to increase your productivity and learn new things, doing the previous thing will not help and even if it’s hard to start , there is no shame in making baby steps and maybe start by reading even a one page per day .

You know why ?

What you do every night after work can be life and career changing!
You may have a new brilliant idea that you can start you own project or company !
You may organize your self a bit so you can spend more time with family or friends !
You may do some freelance so you can make extra money !

I’m not an expert in this , not even close , but those steps helped me :

1-Everyday make a list to-do for the next day with priorities

2-Read a bit every night (you don’t have to read a book , maybe some articles in Medium, or any other website (‘remove the idea of Facebook from you head now’) .
By reading you will acquire new information every day. And even transfer your knowledge within your company , to your friends .

3-Choose a topic , Example : Docker , read a bit and do a bit everyday till you can feel good about it and you can start a project yourself from zero .

4-Try to reflect on what you learn by writing it in blog post or article anywhere you want , maybe linked-in or Medium if you don’t have your own blog.This will keep you motivated and will keep your brain active.

Well , I’m still trying to learn how to fix my morning routine , but if you have an idea how I can improve it , I ‘m all eyes and ears .

One more thing : Remember always to save your work , cause I had to rewrite almost half of this after accidentally I closed this window .

In the end I’m going to add a new section in this blog for books that I read and found awesome .

have a happy blogging day 🙂

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