Finally a stable version of Xamarin.Forms 4.1.0 and announcing Xamarin.Essentials 1.2

Finally a stable version of Xamarin.Forms 4.1.0 and announcing Xamarin.Essentials 1.2

When It comes to Xamarin I say Believe & Trust & Love and I will tell you exactly why !
Back in the days ,when Xamarin was not yet integrated by Microsoft , and Xamarin was paid ,I was a student and I had a student license to use it , and with all the struggle at that time , and even when my friends said this platform will not succeed , I believed in and kept working with it, following James Montemagno and the community and I trusted them with their work and updates and here we are now in version 4.1.0 with a lot of enhancement and updates .

I remember last year when I just landed my first job and I was still a Microsoft student partner . I was asked to develop a cross platform app for our company , and I remember one day , when I was asked by our team leader to develop a page that contains checkboxs ,yeah ,back when there was no check boxes in xamarin.forms and that was the time when I started a conversation with my friends and also Msp’s Gassen Ben Hadj, Azzouz Njah and Mariem Kharrat about how I could create or integrate that , in less than two days , and finally , I found a solution and I ended up creating a YouTube video about it, you can find the link here .

Now , why I love Xamarin community ? because they heard about our struggle and now added a check box to this new version and I was so exited so I had to test it .

This week marked the launch of Xamarin.Essentials 1.2 too, packed full of new enhancements and optimizations. The main highlight is the new file preview features enabling you to send, view, and email files from a single cross-platform API .

One more thing , if you have doubts about creating beautiful UI using xamarin froms , you may want to check this GitHub repo

You can read more about this here .

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